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Programmes - Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual

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Use and Care guide


Programmes selection
To clean different types of fabrics and various
levels of dirt, the washing machine has specific
programs to meet every need of washing (see
table of programmes).
An intensive wash. The final spin at maximum
speed gives more efficient removal.
Cotton + Prewash
This programme has been designed to remove
the stronger stains from cotton white clothes.
The prewash guarantees the tough dirt removal.
Add into compartment "1" a quantity of detergent
equal to 20% of that used for main wash.
This program is suitable to clean normally soiled
cotton laundry and it is the most efficient
program in terms of combined energy and water
consumptions for washing cotton laundry.
Eco 20°
This innovative programme, allows you to wash
different fabrics and colours together, such as
cottons, synthetics and mixed fabrics at only 20°C
and provides an excellent cleaning performance.
Consumption on this program is about 40% of a
conventional 40°C cottons wash.
The washing and rinsing optimise the speed
and rhythm of the drum action and water levels.
The gentle spin, ensures a reduced formation of
creases in the fabric.
This program has reduced periods of drum
rotation during the cycle and is particularly.
Thi s p ro gra m p er fo r m s 3 r i ns es w i t h an
intermediate spin (which can be reduced or
excluded by using the appropriate button). It is
used for rinsing any type of fabric, for example
after a wash carried out by hand.
The programme carries out a maximum spin. It
is possible to delete or reduce the spin with the
SPIN SPEED button.
This programme drains out the water.
QUICK (14/30/44 Min.)
Washing cycle suggested for low loads and slightly
dirty. With this program it is recommended to
reduce the quantity of detergent normally used,
in order to avoid unnecessary waste. Selecting
the QUICK program and acting on the button
you can choose one of three programs available.
The washing cycle is optimized to reduce
the creation of creases, keeping an excellent
washing performance. It is also possible to
further reduce the spin speed, to ensure an
easier ironing.
This program performs a wash cycle dedicated
to the wool fabrics that can be washed in a
washing machine, or the articles to be washed
by hand.
Hand Wash
Program for hand wash only clothes, the
program ends with 3 rinses and a slow spin.
suitable or washing delicate fabrics. The wash cycle
and rinses are carried out with a high level of
water to ensure the best performance.



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