Drying Cycle - Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual

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Use and Care guide

Drying Cycle

• Drying guidance advice is general, but practical
experience of using the product will help you to
achieve the best drying results.
• We recommend setting a lower drying time
than indicated, when first using the appliance
in order to establish the degree of dryness
• We recommend not drying fabrics that fray
easily, such as rugs or garments with a deep
pile, in order to avoid air duct clogging.
• We recommend that you sort the laundry by the
following methods:
- By drying care symbols, which are displayed
on the clothing labels
Suitable for tumble drying.
Tumble dry at high temperature.
Tumble dry at low temperature only.
DO NOT tumble dry.
If the fabric does not have a care label, you
should assume that it is not suitable for
- By size and thickness
Whenever the wash load is bigger than the
drying capacity, separate the clothes according to
thickness (e.g. towels from thin underwear).
- By fabric type
Cottons/linen: towels, cotton jersey, bed and
table linen.
Synthetics: blouses, shirts, overalls, etc. made
of polyester or polyamide, as well as for cotton/
synthetic mixes.
• Only dry pre-spun laundry.
The correct way to dry
• Open the door.
• Fill with the laundry, not exceeding the
maximum drying load indicated in the
programme table. For large items (e.g. sheets)
or very absorbent items (e.g. towels or jeans), it
is a good idea to reduce the load.
• Close the door.
• Turn the programme dial to the more suitable
drying programme for your laundry.
• The washer dryer can perform the following
types of drying:
- Low temperature dr y i ng p ro gra mm e
recommended for mixed fabrics (synthetics/
cotton) synthetic fabrics (Synthetics Dry
symbol on programme dial).
- High temperature dr y i ng p ro gra mm e
recommended for cotton, terry toweling,
linen, hemp fabrics, etc... (Cotton Dry symbol
on programme dial).
• Select the degree of dryness that you require:
(suitable for towels, bathrobes and bulky
(that leaves the laundry ready for ironing).
(for items that will be put away without



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