Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual page 12

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Use and Care guide
- Confirm by pressing the START/PAUSE
button. The delay countdown will begin
and when it has finished the programme
will start automatically.
• It is possible to cancel the delay start by
turning the programme selector to OFF.
If there is any break in the power supply while
the machine is operating, a special memory
stores the selected programme and, when the
power is restored, it continues where it left OFF.
The option buttons should be selected
before pressing the START/PAUSE button. If
an option is selected that is not compatible
with the selected programme then the
option indicator lights first flashes and then
goes off.
• For automatic washing/drying cycle: after
the selection of washing programme according
to laundry type, select a degree of dryness by
pressing this button. At the end of the washing
programme, the selected drying cycle will start
If a washing programme is not compatible with
automatic drying selected, this function will not
be activated.
If you exceed the maximum dryable load of
laundry indicated in the programme table,
the laundry may not be dried satisfactory.
• If you want delete the selection before the
programme starts, please press repeatedly
the button until the lights go off or reposition
the programme selector to the OFF position.
• Drying only cycle:
select via the knob the desired drying
programme in conjunction with your fabrics,
by pressing this button it is possible to select
a degree of dryness that is different to the
default one (except for the wool drying
• To cancel the cycle during the drying phase,
please press the button for about 3 seconds.
After cancelling the drying programme,
the cool down phase will begin and please
wait for about 10/20 minutes before open-
ing the door.
• "End" will appear in the display at the end of the
program and the DOOR LOCKED indicator light
will go off, it is now possible to open the door.
It is also possible to cancel the drying cycle
by turning the programme selector to the
OFF position. It is necessary to wait for the
cooling phase's end (10/20 minutes) and
the DOOR LOCKED indicator light to go off
before opening the door.
This button allows you to choose between two
different options, depending on the selected
The button becomes active when you select the
QUICK (14/30/44 Min.) programme on the knob
and allows you to select one of three durations



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