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Use And Care Guide; Practical Tips - Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual

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Use and Care guide

Practical Tips

Load tips
WARNING: when sorting laundry, make sure:
- have eliminated metallic objects such as hair
clips, pins, coins, from laundry;
- to have buttoned pillow cases, closed zips, tied
loose belts and long robe ribbons;
- to have removed rollers, hooks or clips from
- to have carefully read clothing washing labels;
- to have removed any persistent stains using
specific detergents.
• When washing rugs, bedcovers or other heavy
clothing, we recommend you avoid the spinning
• To wash wool, make sure the item can be
machine washed and marked by the "Pure virgin
wool" symbol with the "Does not mat "or"
Machine washable" label.
Helpful suggestions for the user
A guide environmentally friendly and economic
use of your appliance.
Maximise The Load Size
• Achieve the best use of energy, water, detergent
and time by using the recommended maximum
load size.
Save up to 50% energy by washing a full load
instead of 2 half loads.
Do you need to pre-wash?
• For heavily soiled laundry only!
SAVE detergent, time, water and between 5
to 15% energy consumption by NOT selecting
Prewash for slight to normally soiled laundry.
Is a hot wash required?
• Pretreat stains with stain remover or soak dried
in stains in water before washing to reduce the
necessity of a hot wash programme.
Save up to 50% energy by using a 60°C wash
Before using a drying programme...
• SAVE energy and time by selecting a high spin
speed to reduce the water content in laundry
before using a drying programme.
Following is a quick guide with tips and
recommendations on detergent use at the
various temperatures. In any case, always read
the instructions on the detergent for correct use
and doses.
When washing heavily soiled whites, we
recommend using cotton programs of 60°C
or above and a normal washing powder (heavy
duty) that contains bleaching agents that at
medium/high temperatures provide excellent
For washes between 40°C and 60°C the type of
detergent used needs to be appropriate for the
type of fabric and level of soiling.
Normal powders are suitable for "white" or
colour fast fabrics with high soiling, while liquid
detergents or "colour protecting" powders are
suitable for coloured fabrics with light levels of
For washing at temperatures below 40°C
we recommend the use of liquid detergents or
detergents specifically labeled as suitable for
low temperature washing.
For washing wool or silk, only use detergents
specifically formulated for these fabrics.



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