Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual page 24

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Use and Care guide
The use of ecological detergents without
phosphates may cause the following effects:
- cloudier rinse drain water:
This effect is tied to the suspended zeolites
which do not have negative effects on rinse
- white powder (zeolites) on laundry at the
end of the wash:
this is normal, the powder is not absorbed by
fabric and does not change its colour.
To rem ove the ze o l i tes, se l e c t a r i ns e
programme. In the future consider using
slightly less detergent.
- foam in the water at last rinse:
This does not necessary indicate poor rinsing.
Consider using less detergent in future
- abundant foam:
This is often due to the anionic surfactants
found in the detergents which are hard to
eliminate from laundry.
In this case, do not re-rinse to eliminate these
effects: it will not help at all.
We suggest conducting a maintenance wash
using a proprietary cleaner.
If the problem persists or if you suspect
a malfunction, immediately contact an
Authorised Customer Service Centre.
It is always recommended to use original spare
parts, that are available at our Authorised
Customer Service Centres.
The product is guaranteed under the terms and
conditions stated on the certificate included
with the product. The warranty certificate must
be duly filled in and stored, so as to be shown
to the Authorised Customer Service Centre in
case of need. Proof of purchase must be made
available at the time of any warranty related
The manufacturer declines all responsibility
for any printing errors in the booklet included
with this product. Moreover, it also reserves
the right to make any changes deemed
useful to its products without changing their
essential characteristics.



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