Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual page 20

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Use and Care guide
• The washer dryer will calculate the time
needed for drying and the level of moisture
remaining in the laundry, according to the
load and drying type selected.
• Check that the tap is turned on and that the
discharge hose is positioned correctly.
Do not dry woollen garments or articles
with special padding (e.g. quilts, quilted
anoraks, etc.) and very delicate fabrics. If
garments are drip/dry, load less items as to
prevent creasing.
• Press the START/PAUSE button (the display
will show the drying time remaining).
The appliance calculates the time to the
end of the selected programme based upon
a standard loading. During the cycle, the
appliance corrects the time according to
the size and composition of the load.
During the drying phase the drum will
accelerate to a higher speed to distribute the
load and to optimize the drying performance.
• When the programme is finished the word
"End" will appear on the display. After 5
minutes the appliance will go into standby
mode (on certain models, the display will
show two lines).
• Switch off the machine by turning the
programme selector to the OFF position.
• Open the door and remove the laundry.
• Turn off the tap.
• To cancel the drying programme, press and
hold the DRYING SELECTION button for
about 3 seconds.
After cancelling the drying programme,
the cool down phase will begin and you
must wait for about 10/20 minutes before
opening the door.
In order to ensure the correct operation of the
appliance, it is advisable not to interrupt the
drying phase unless it is absolutely necessary.



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