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Black & Decker BXAC5E Original Instructions Manual page 4


Table of Contents
(Original instructions)
persons with physical, sensory or reduced mental or lack
of experience and knowledge.
♦ Make sure that dust, dirt or other foreign objects do not
block the fan grill on the appliance.
♦ Keep the appliance in good condition. Check that the
moving parts are not misaligned or jammed and make
sure there are no broken parts or anomalies that may
prevent the appliance from operating correctly.
♦ Never leave the appliance connected and unattended if
is not in use. This saves energy and prolongs the life of
the appliance.
♦ Any misuse or failure to follow the instructions for use
renders the guarantee and the manufacturer's liability
null and void.
A On / off button
B Swing button
C Speed button
D Cool / Humidify button
If the model of your appliance does not have the accesso-
ries described above, they can also be bought separately
from the Technical Assistance Service.
Before use:
♦ Make sure that all products' packaging has been
♦ Fill ice boxes with water and put them in the freezer.
♦ If you wish to use the cool/humidification function,
ensure there is sufficient water in the reservoir.
♦ Fill the tank to the rear with cold water and insert if you
want the ice boxes.
♦ Consider the indication of the water level. Do not exceed
the level MAX.
♦ Unroll the cable completely before plugging it in.
♦ Connect the appliance to the mains.
♦ Guide the appliance to direct the flow of air in the desired
♦ Turn the appliance on, by using the on/off button (A).
♦ Select the appliance function desired.
♦ Select the desired speed (C).
Oscillation function:
♦ The oscillation function makes it possible to direct the
flow from the apparatus so that it automatically alter-
nates over a range of 75º.
♦ To activate this function, press the (B) button.
♦ To deactivate this function, follow the procedure for
switching it on in reverse.
♦ To activate this function, press the (D) button.
♦ To deactivate this function, follow the procedure for
switching it on in reverse.
Once you have finished using the appli-
♦ Turn the appliance off, using the on/off button.
♦ Unplug the appliance from the mains.
♦ Clean the appliance.
Carry handle/s:
♦ This appliance has a handle on the upper part of the
body, which facilitates comfortable transportation.
♦ Disconnect the appliance from the mains and allow it to
cool before undertaking any cleaning task.
♦ Clean the equipment with a damp cloth with a few drops
of washing-up liquid and then dry.
♦ Do not use solvents, or products with an acid or base pH
such as bleach, or abrasive products, for cleaning the
♦ Never submerge the appliance in water or any other
liquid or place it under running water.
♦ Take the appliance to an authorised technical support
service if product is damaged or other problems arise.
Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the appliance
yourself as this may be dangerous.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents