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Black & Decker BXAC5E Original Instructions Manual page 5


Table of Contents
For EU product versions and/or in case that
it is requested in your country:
Ecology and recyclability of the product
♦ The materials of which the packaging of this appliance
consists are included in a collection, classification and
recycling system. Should you wish to dispose of them,
use the appropriate public recycling bins for each type
of material.
♦ The product does not contain concentrations of
substances that could be considered harmful to the
- This symbol means that in case you wish to
dispose of the product once its working life has
ended; take it to an authorised waste agent for
the selective collection of Waste from Electric
and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
♦ The following information details the features related to
Maximum fan flow rate (F)
Fan power input(P)
Service value (SV) (accord-
ing to IEC 60879)
Standby power consump-
tion (PSB)
Fan sound power level
Maximum air velocity( c )
This appliance complies with Directive 2014/35/EU on
Low Voltage, Directive 2014/30/EU on Electromagnetic
Compatibility, Directive 2011/65/EU on the restrictions of
the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and
electronic equipment and Directive 2009/125/EC on the
ecodesign requirements for energy-related products.
4,5 m
80 W
0,056 (m
65 dB(A)
8,5 metres/sec
(Original instructions)
Warranty and technical assistance
This product enjoys the recognition and protection of the
legal guarantee in accordance with current legislation.
To enforce your rights or interests you must go to any of
our official technical assistance services. You can find the
closest one by accessing the following web link: http://ww- You can also request related information,
by contacting us (see the last page of the manual). You
can download this instruction manual and its updates at


Table of Contents

Table of Contents