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Changing The Programme Sequence; Changing A Programme (Safety Lock); Cancelling A Programme - Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual

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Changing a programme (safety
A programme, temperature, spin speed
or selected option cannot be changed
once the machine has been success-
fully started. This is to prevent the oper-
ation of the machine being tampered
with (by a child, for example).

Cancelling a programme

You can cancel a programme at any
time after it has started.
 Turn the programme selector to the
 position.
 Turn the programme selector to any
Rotating bars ...  ...  or 
are shown on the time display.
The water is pumped away and the
door lock is then released.
Selecting a new programme
 Turn the programme selector to the
required programme.
 Check that there is still detergent in
the detergent drawer. Add more de-
tergent if there is none left.
 Touch the Start/Add laundry sensor

Changing the programme sequence


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