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Operating The Washing Machine; Control Panel - Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating the washing machine

Control panel

a Control field
The control field consists of a time
display and various sensor controls.
The individual sensor controls are
explained in the following sections.
b Sensor controls – temperature
for selecting the temperature.
c Sensor controls – spin speeds
for selecting the spin speed.
d Sensors for extra options
You can supplement wash pro-
grammes with extra options.
If a wash programme has been se-
lected, the sensor controls for the
possible Extras light up dimly.
e Indicator lights
 lights up if there are faults af-
fecting the water inlet and
lights up if excess detergent
was used
 lights up as a reminder about
hygiene information
The Add laundry function can-
not be selected.
f Sensor controls – CapDosing
 CapDosing of fabric care
products (e.g. fabric condi-
tioner, proofing agent)
 CapDosing of additives (e.g.
detergent enhancer)
 CapDosing of detergent (for the
main wash only)

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