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Levelling The Machine; Screwing Out And Adjusting The Feet - Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual

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Levelling the machine

The washing machine must stand per-
fectly level on all four feet to ensure
safe and proper operation.
Incorrect installation may increase elec-
tricity and water consumption and may
cause the machine to move about.

Screwing out and adjusting the feet

The four adjustable screw feet are used
for levelling the washing machine. The
machine is supplied with all four feet
are screwed in.
 Using the spanner supplied, turn
counter nut 2 in a clockwise direction.
Then turn counter nut 2 together with
foot 1 to unscrew.
 Use a level to check that the washing
machine is standing level.
 Hold foot 1 securely with a pipe
wrench. Turn counter nut 2 again us-
ing the spanner supplied until it sits
firmly up against the housing.
Risk of damage due to incor-
rectly aligned washing machine.
There is a danger of the washing ma-
chine moving about if the feet are not
Turn all four counter nuts for the feet
until they sit firmly up against the
housing. Please also check this for
the feet which did not need adjust-

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