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Electrical Connection - Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual

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Electrical connection

The washing machine is supplied with
an electrical connection cable with
moulded plug ready for connection to a
switched socket.
The socket must be easily accessible
after the washing machine has been in-
stalled. If that is not possible, ensure
that a suitable means of disconnection
is provided on the installation side for
each pole.
Risk of fire from overheating.
Connecting the washing machine to
a multi-socket plug adapter or to an
extension lead can overload the
Do not use an extension lead or
multi-socket plug adapter.
The electrical system must comply with
local and national safety regulations
(BS 7671 in the UK). We recommend
the use of a suitable RCD .
If the connection cable is damaged, it
must only be replaced with a specific
connection cable of the same type
(available from the Miele Customer Ser-
vice Department). For safety reasons,
such replacement may only be carried
out by a qualified technician or the
Miele Customer Service Department.
The data plate indicates the nominal
power consumption and the appropri-
ate fuse rating. Compare the specifica-
tions on the data plate with those of the
electricity supply and make sure that
they match.
If in any doubt, consult a qualified elec-
Do not connect the washing machine to
a stand-alone inverter such as those
used with an autonomous energy
source, e.g. solar power. When the
washing machine is switched on, power
surges could result in a safety switch-
off. This could damage the electronic

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