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Suds Cooling; Anti-Crease; Backlight Brightness Dimmed - Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual

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 Suds cooling
When this is activated, additional wa-
ter flows into the drum at the end of
the main wash to cool the suds down.
Hot suds can damage plastic drainage
Suds cooling takes place when a tem-
perature of 70 °C or higher is selected
for the Cottons programme.
Suds cooling should be activated:
– to prevent the danger of scalding if
the drain hose is hooked over the
edge of a sink or basin.
– where drainage pipes do not comply
with DIN 1986.
 = Suds cooling is switched off
(factory default setting)
 = Suds cooling is switched on
Programmable functions
 Anti-crease
The anti-crease function helps prevent
creasing if laundry is not going to be
removed immediately after the end of
the programme.
The drum continues to turn at intervals
for up to 30 minutes at the end of the
programme. The door can be opened at
any time.
 = The anti-crease function is
switched off
 = The anti-crease function is
switched on (factory default
 Backlight brightness
The brightness of the dimmed sensors
in the control panel can be set to one
of seven different levels.
The brightness changes as soon as you
select a different setting.
= Darkest level
 = Lightest level
 = (Factory default setting)

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