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Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual page 38

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Programme sequence
PowerWash is a washing technique de-
veloped by Miele. It is activated in the
following programmes:
– Cottons (with small and medium-
sized loads)
– Minimum iron
– Shirts
– Delicates
– ECO 40-60 (with small and medium-
sized loads)
How it works
Conventional washing techniques wash
with more water than the laundry can
absorb. This total volume of water
needs to be heated.
The PowerWash washing technique
only uses slightly more water than the
laundry can absorb. The water which
has not been absorbed by the laundry
heats up the drum and the laundry and
is sprayed into the laundry over and
over again. This reduces energy con-
PowerWash is activated automatically
in the programmes listed above.
PowerWash is deactivated if:
– The selected final spin speed is less
than 600 rpm
– CapDosing (, ) has been selec-
ted for the main wash
– The wash temperature is higher than
60 °C
– Extras such as Pre-wash or Water +
have been selected
– A large load is being washed in the
Cottons programme
Special features
– Drenching phase
The washing machine will spin a few
times at the beginning of the pro-
gramme. During spinning, the water
discharged is sprayed back into the
laundry in order to achieve optimum
moisture penetration.
The optimum water level is set at the
end of the drenching phase. If neces-
sary, the washing machine will pump
water away or take in a little more
fresh water.
– Noises during the heating phase
Unusual bubbling noises can occur
while the laundry and the drum are
being heated.

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