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Extra Options; Short; Water; Pre-Wash - Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual

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Extra options

You can use the extra options buttons
to augment the wash programmes.
Extras are selected and deselected us-
ing the relevant sensors on the control
 Touch the sensor for the extra you
The relevant sensor will light up brightly.
Not all the extra options are suitable for
use with every programme.
An extra that is not permitted for the
wash programme is not lit dimly and
cannot be activated by touch.


For textiles with light soiling with no vis-
ible staining.
The wash duration is reduced.

Water +

The water level in the main wash and
the rinses will be increased. A second
rinse cycle is carried out in the Separate
rinse/Starch programme.
You can select other functions for the
Water + sensor control. These are de-
scribed under "Programmable func-


For laundry with large amounts of dirt,
e.g. dust and sand.
In order to reduce creasing, the laundry
undergoes a smoothing process at the
end of the programme. Reducing the
maximum load by 50 % will achieve a
better result. Small loads achieve a bet-
ter result.
The garments must be suitable for dry-
ing in a tumble dryer   and suitable
for ironing  .

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