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How The Control Field Works - Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual

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g Time display
After the programme has started, the
programme duration will appear in
the display in hours and minutes.
When Delay start is being used, the
programme duration will appear after
the Delay start time has elapsed.
h Sensor controls   
The Delay start time selected will ap-
pear in the time display.
After the programme has started, the
Delay start time will begin to count
Once the Delay start time has
elapsed, the programme begins and
the estimated programme duration
appears on the time display.
 After touching the  sensor
control, a later start time for the
programme (Delay start) can be
selected. Once selected, 
lights up brightly.
The duration of the Delay start
period is increased by touching
the  sensor control.
The duration of the Delay start
period is reduced by touching
the  sensor control.
Operating the washing machine
i Start/Add laundry sensor control
The programme can be started
as soon as the sensor control
is flashing on and off. Touching
the Start/Add laundry sensor
control starts the selected pro-
gramme. The sensor control
lights up constantly.
Once the programme has been
started, the Start/Add laundry
sensor control allows you to
add laundry.
j Optical interface
This is used by the Service depart-
ment as a transmission point.
k Programme selector
for selecting programmes and for
switching off the appliance. The
washing machine is switched on
when you select a programme, and
switched off by turning the pro-
gramme selector to the  position.

How the control field works

The , , , ,  and  sensor con-
trols react to fingertip contact. If a
sensor control is illuminated, it can be
If a sensor is brightly lit, this means:
currently selected
If a sensor is dimly lit, this means: it can
be selected

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