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Miele WSD 323 Selection Operating Instructions Manual page 16

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Before using for the first time
Running the first programme
 Open the stopcock.
 Turn the programme selector to the
Cottons position.
The washing machine is now switched
on and in the control field, the temper-
ature 60 °C lights up.
 Touch the Start/Add laundry sensor
The programme will start.
After 10 minutes, the indicators dim,
except for the Start/Add laundry
sensor control.
Opening the door at the end of
the programme
The door remains locked during the
anti-crease phase. The control field
lights up for the first 10 minutes. The
control field then goes out and
the Start/Add laundry sensor control
 Turn the programme selector to the
 position.
 appears on the timer display and
the  indicator light goes out.
The door unlocks.
Tip: After the anti-crease phase, the
washing machine will have switched off
and the door unlocked automatically.
The control field will be completely
 Take hold of the door and pull it
Tip: Leave the door slightly open to al-
low the drum to dry.
Initial commissioning is now complete.

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