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Description Of The Installation, Mounting And Assembly Of The Simotion P320 - Siemens SIMOTION Series Commissioning And Hardware Installation Manual

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● Application planning
Points to note in advance:
Upon delivery, the permitted installation positions, environmental and ambient conditions
and electromagnetic compatibility.
You will find this information in the manual SIMOTION P320-4 E / P320-4 S.
● Installation

Description of the installation, mounting and assembly of the SIMOTION P320-4.

● Connection
This section describes the requirements for connecting and the connection overview for
the SIMOTION P320-4, and information on the connection of PROFINET, PROFIBUS and
● Power on and software installation
Information on the first power-up of the SIMOTION P320-4 and additional software for HMI.
● Operation (hardware)
Detailed description of the SIMOTION P State application.
● Parameter assignment / addressing
This section contains the requirements for parameter assignment / addressing and an
overview of the factory settings.
One section describes the SIMOTION P Control Manager.
Communication with Ethernet and PC internal is described.
References are supplied for the PROFINET and PROFIBUS communication.
● Commissioning (software)
This section contains information, notes and requirements for the commissioning and a
recommended sequence for the first commissioning of the SIMOTION P320-4.
The topics data backup, data storage concept and SIMOTION P general reset are
● Service and maintenance
Information on the recording of diagnostics data, restoring factory settings, installing and
removing the backup battery.
Description of special power-up situations.
● Alarm, fault, and system messages
Information on diagnostics via LED displays.
Description of possible alarm and fault messages.
● Troubleshooting/FAQs
List of possible errors and their remedies.
● Appendix
The appendices contain information on standards and approvals, on the ESD guideline as
well as a list of abbreviations.
● Index
Alphabetical directory for locating information.
SIMOTION Documentation
An overview of the SIMOTION documentation can be found in the SIMOTION Documentation
Overview document.
SIMOTION P320-4 E / P320-4 S
Commissioning and Hardware Installation Manual, 11/2016



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