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Safety Notes; Notes On Product Liability; Mounting And Installation; Regulations - Siemens AVS75.39 Series User Manual

Boiler controller
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Electrical installation
Mounting location
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Building Technologies

Safety notes


Notes on product liability

The products may only be used in building services plant and applications as
described above
Comply with all requirements specified in Section "Mounting and installation"
when using the products.
Comply with all local regulations (for installation, etc.).
Do not open the units. If not observed, warranty becomes void.

Mounting and installation



Prior to installing the controller, the power supply must be turned off
The connections for mains and low voltage are separated
For wiring, the requirements of safety class II must be satisfied.
Sensor and power cables must not be run in the same cable duct
One and the same sensor cannot be connected to several inputs

Basic units RVS43.345

Air circulation around the controller must be ensured, allowing the unit to emit
the heat produced by it.
A clearance of at least 10 mm must be provided for the controller's cooling slots
at the top and bottom of the housing.
That space should not be accessible and no objects must be placed there. If the
controller is enclosed in another (insulating) casing, a clearance of up to 100 mm
must be observed around the cooling slots
The controller is designed conforming to the directives for safety class II
mounted in compliance with these regulations.
Power to the controller may be supplied only when completely installed. If this is
not observed, there is a risk of electric shock hazard near the terminals and
through the cooling slots.
The controller must not be exposed to dripping water.
Permissible ambient temperature when mounted and when ready to operate:
0...50 °C.
Power cables must be clearly separated from low-voltage cables (sensors)
observing a distance of at least 100 mm
Control panel
Housing for wall mounting
User manual RVS43.345
Safety notes

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