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Features - Sharp COMPET CS-363 Series Instruction Manual

Electronic calculator with elsi
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Exceptional versatility
The CS-363P consists of 3 working registers. 7 memory registers and program memory which
greatly broaden calculation versatility. Calculates up to 16 digits. programs up to 144 steps
and divisible into two groups. Carries out the simplest to the most complicated. diverse
calculations and offers a truly scientific advancement into the computer age.
Convenient magnetic card system
Once programming is completed. programs can be easily stored on magnetic cards. Merely
insert the card and touch one key! The calculator can be programmed whenever necessary
merely by the insertion of the program card.
Eight conditional jumps and six unconditional jumps ... It is almost a "Mini-computer".
Programs can be repeated. branched and jumped. By using 144 steps and 7 memories.
programming requiring complicated calculations can be performed.
"DEBUG function" is uniquely suited for analyzing programs and for teaching.
In the DEBUG mode. the intermediate results as well as the next instruction are displayed
step·by-step whenever the
key is depressed. It helps to develop the logical thinking of the
Check or correction of programs is easy
Programs can be checked easily because the step number and the instruction are displayed
step-by-step when
key is depressed in CHECK mode. Programs can be corrected by
depressing correct keys after
key in .. CHECK ..... DEBUG .. or "PROG RAM" mode.
Divisible program
Program can be divided into two groups at any step. Therefore. two different kinds of
program can be memorized at the same time.
Ease of operation
The steps of successive multiplication and division are simplified. Just enter the problems
into the machine as you would write them on paper.
Preset and floating decimal point system
The CS-363P permits a choice of complete floating decimal point system and preset decimals
with 7 options (,7 .F) for non-memory or memory calculation independently.
Round up/off/down device
Setting the rounding switch conveniently counts fractions and makes it easier to
Convenient function lamp
keys have function lamps and the lamp turns on when these keys are
touched in manual operation ("N" mode). In DEBUG mode. the lamp turns on at the step
where the instruction of
key is executed.



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