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Sharp COMPET CS-363 Series Instruction Manual page 65

Electronic calculator with elsi
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2. Key identification
Clear key
Resets the step counter in
"DEB" or "A" mode. Stored clear instruction into the
program memory in "PRO" mode. I n "PRO" mode, when overflow error is detected
(namely, when instruction is stored in 145th step), resets the overflow error by touching the
key and not stored clear instruction.
In order to return the step number at zero (0) step in "PRO" mode, return the
program switch to "N" position and then set it to "PRO" position again.
Correct program key
Used to correct a mistake made in a program instruction or when the program is changed.
Refer to page 95 "Correction, insertion of
No.2 program key
The CS-363P is stored two kinds of program and used when selects No.2 program.
In "PRO" or "CHE" mode:
In "DEB" or "A" mode:
Equal key
In "CHE" or "DEB" mode:
In "A" mode:
I n "PRO" mode:
When this key is operated, step counter proceeds to the
end of No.1 program. It reads two serial END instructions
at the boundary of No.1
No.2 programs and
operation stops. Then the state of starting the No.2
program will be gained.
When this key is operated, step counter proceeds to the
end of No.1 program. Upon operation of
key, No.2
program is executed. When No.2 program is over, step
counter is reset, and No.1 program is executed as soon as
key is operated again. Therefore, touch the
when executes No.2 program again.
Advances the step counter step by step.
Starts the automatic calculation according to the program
Stores the instruction in the program memory.



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