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Sharp COMPET CS-363 Series Instruction Manual page 62

Electronic calculator with elsi
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A. Before programming
1. Selector switch
Program switch
Used when program mode is selected.
PRO • (Program mode) (Write it in this way when program switch is designated to "PRO"
Designates the mode where the program is stored into the computer according to the order
of manual operation in
At this time, the step number is displayed on instruction
part. Proceed to the next operation while checking this point.
N • (Neutral mode)
Designates the mode where the manual operation can be performed.
CHE (Check mode)
Designates the mode to be checked if the program stored in the computer is correctly
entered or not. Step number and instructions are displayed on the display part by touching
key. In this case, No.4 memory lamp turns on because of counting the step number bv
using No.4 memory register. However, No.4 memory can be used for program calculations.
DEB. (Debug mode)
Designates the mode to be checked if the stored program is correct or not while executing
the program stored in the computer step by step. Intermediate results and the instruction to
be executed next are displayed on the display part.
A • (Auto mode)
Designates the mode for automatic calculation of the stored program. I n this case, it is
possible to calculate automatically only by setting a variable number and
key (operation
start key) .
• Tabulation selector and rounding switch have nothing to do with the program at whatever
positions they may be set in "PRO" or "CHE"
So set them to any position at the
execution of program in "DEB" or "AU mode .
• Constant switch
When program switch is at "A" or "DEB" position, constant calculation is not designated
even when it is in "K" posiiton.
In program operations ("PRO" or "A" model. this switch may be set at any



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