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Honeywell MeshGuard FTD-2000 User Manual page 41

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MeshGuard User's Guide
Slip the screws through the two holes that are side by side in order to mount the enclosure to a vertical pole.
Otherwise slip the screws through the two vertically aligned holes to attach the enclosure to a horizontal pole.
Loosely assemble the clamp parts around the pole. Note that the screws have nuts that fit into the clamp parts. The
clamp parts are designed to hole the nut so that you do not need to use a wrench. Hand-tighten the parts until snug.
Tighten the hex screws from the front of the enclosure:
Once the clamp parts and the enclosure are securely held against the pole, stop tightening.
Note: The pole must be between 25mm (1") and 63mm (2.5") in diameter.



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