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Turning The Meshguard Off; Low Battery Indicator & Action - Honeywell MeshGuard FTD-2000 User Manual

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Next, the display tells you that MeshGuard is initiating network communication:
Next, if a network is located, an antenna icon appears (if no network is found, then refer to "Join Mesh Network" on
page 27). The current gas concentration reading is also displayed:
Note: When adding a MeshGuard detector to a new network for the first time, it is recommended that you press
[Y/+] to manually initiate a search for the network.
The MeshGuard is now operational.

4.2 Turning The MeshGuard Off

Hold down the [MODE] key through the "5...4...3... 2... 1... oFF" sequence. The monitor is off when the display is
blank. Release the [MODE] key.
The MeshGuard is now off.
4.3 Low Battery Indicator & Action
The MeshGuard's battery is designed for up to six months' life in STD mode (in RTR mode, including the
MeshGuard Router's normal operation, battery life is up to 10 days). When the battery gets low, the MeshGuard
beeps once per minute and an empty battery icon appears. It is recommended that the battery be changed
immediately, to minimize disruption.
When the battery is completely depleted, the LCD displays "OFF," and the LED, buzzer and vibration alarm activate
once per second. The battery icon also blinks on and off. The MeshGuard shuts down after you press any key, or
shuts down automatically if you do not press a key for 60 seconds.
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