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Change Pan Id; Join Mesh Network; Change Communication Interval - Honeywell MeshGuard FTD-2000 User Manual

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5.4.10 Change Pan ID

Press [Y/+] to enter the menu to make changes to the value.
1. Press [Y/+] to increase the number and [N/-] to decrease it.
2. Press [MODE] to advance to the next digit.
3. After moving to the last digit and making changes, press [MODE]. A question mark (?) is shown in the display,
asking if you want to save the change.
• Press [Y/+] for yes. The message "dn" means the change is done.
• Press [N/-] for no. A "no" message means that the change was abandoned.
• Press [MODE] to return to the first digit.

5.4.11 Join Mesh Network

Press [Y/-] to initiate joining a network. Three bars flash in sequence while it searches. When it is done, it alarms
once and displays "dn" for "done."

5.4.12 Change Communication Interval

This menu allows you to change the interval between wireless transmissions. "SET" and "ItUL" flash, to indicate
that you can change the interval. The interval can be set to 10, 30, 60, 300, or 600 seconds.
Note: The default interval is 30 seconds.
Press [Y/+] to enter and change the setting, [MODE] to exit and return to Detection Mode, or [N/-] to advance to the
next MENU.
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