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Operating The Meshguard; Turning The Meshguard On - Honeywell MeshGuard FTD-2000 User Manual

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Operating The MeshGuard

Make sure the battery is installed before operating the MeshGuard. Refer to page 34 for information on battery
installation and replacement.

4.1 Turning The MeshGuard On

Hold down the [MODE] key and release it when the MeshGuard beeps. The monitor is now on, as indicated by the
The MeshGuard performs a self-test, followed by warm-up and zero calibration. The display briefly shows the
firmware version (for example, "F1.0" means firmware version 1.0, "F2.0" means firmware version 2.0, etc.):
Then the MeshGuard initializes the wireless network and displays this information:
Note: If MeshGuard is unable to find a radio network to connect with, it searches, and the display alternates
between "rdo" and "Srh" (for "radio search").
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