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Change Twa Setting (Portable Mode Only) - Honeywell MeshGuard FTD-2000 User Manual

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5.4.8 Change TWA setting (Portable Mode Only)

Note: This menu is only available when the MeshGuard is in Portable Mode. If it is in Fixed Mode, you will not see
this menu and cannot change its settings.
"Set" and "go" flash in alternation, and "TWA" is shown.
Note: It is not recommended to increase the TWA Alarm setting above the factory default value.
Note: The TWA Alarm value varies, depending on different sensor types.
Press [Y/+] to enter and change the setting, [MODE] to exit and return to Detection Mode, or [N/-] to advance to the
next menu.
The LCD displays the current value. Change the value if necessary.
To change the value:
1. Press [Y/+] to increase the number and [N/-] to decrease it.
2. Press [MODE] to advance to the next digit.
3. After moving to the last digit and making changes, press [MODE]. A question mark (?) is shown in the display,
asking if you want to save the change.
• Press [Y/+] for yes. The message "dn" means the change is done.
• Press [N/-] for no. A "no" message means that the change was abandoned.
• Press [MODE] to return to the first digit.
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