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Manually Sending Data; Detection Mode (When Portable Mode Is Enabled) - Honeywell MeshGuard FTD-2000 User Manual

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5.2 Manually Sending Data

While the MeshGuard typically sends reading data to the network on a fixed interval, you can send the data anytime.
When the monitor is connected to the network, press the [Y/+] key. The screen displays "Ini" and "nEt" one time,
and the monitor sends the current sensor data, and returns to the detector reading.

5.3 Detection Mode (When Portable Mode Is Enabled)

When Portable Mode is enabled (see page 32), pressing [MODE] steps through three more screens, STEL, TWA,
and Peak:
The initial screen is the reading display:
Press [MODE], and it displays STEL. The STEL (short-term exposure limit) is the average reading of the gas
concentration for the last 15 minutes.
Note: The STEL reading does not appear until 15 minutes have elapsed. If the MeshGuard has not been on for 15
minutes, it displays three dashes:
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