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Wiring The - GE Baker Hughes oxy.IQ User Manual

Panametrics oxygen analyzer
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Chapter 2. Installation

2.2 Wiring the oxy.IQ

To wire the oxy.IQ, refer to Figure 14 on page 43, then proceed as
1. Attach the appropriate cable to the oxy.IQ (see Figure 5 below). Be
sure to align the white arrow on the cable connector with the
white arrow on the oxy.IQ connector, and then push the top of the
cable connector straight down onto the mating connector on the
rear of the electronics module until you hear it click into place.
Do not rotate the cable connector during installation (it is
not threaded) and do not hold the connector by its
bottom section while pushing it down into place.
To remove the cable, grasp the bottom section of the
connector (the part with the white arrow) and pull it
straight up until the cable comes loose.
connector either by hand or with any tool during
Std. Cable
Cable Connector
For IS (Intrinsically Safe) applications, the oxy.IQ
must be installed with a Zener barrier (see the
top of Figure 14 on page 43). Also, for
installations in a hazardous location, the blue IS
cable (p/n 704-1318-02, 10) must be used.
twist the
Blank Label
Alignment Arrow
oxy.IQ User's Manual


Table of Contents

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