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Services; Terms And Conditions; Typographical Conventions - GE Baker Hughes oxy.IQ User Manual

Panametrics oxygen analyzer
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Table of Contents
Product Registration
Thank you for purchasing a model oxy.IQ from GE. Please register your
product at
support such as the latest software/firmware upgrades, product information
and special promotions.


GE provides customers with an experienced staff of customer support
personnel ready to respond to technical inquiries, as well as other remote
and on-site support needs. To complement our broad portfolio of industry-
leading solutions, we offer several types of flexible and scalable support
services including: Training, Product Repairs, Extended Warranties, Service
Agreements and more. Please visit
more details.

Terms and Conditions

GE's sales Terms and Conditions for your recent purchase of a GE product,
including the applicable product Warranty, can be found on our website at
the following link:

Typographical Conventions

Note: These paragraphs provide information that provides a deeper
understanding of the situation, but is not essential to the proper
completion of the instructions.
Important : These paragraphs provide information that emphasizes
instructions that are essential to proper setup of the equipment.
Failure to follow these instructions carefully may cause
unreliable performance.
CAUTION! This symbol indicates a risk of potential minor
personal injury and/or severe damage to the equipment,
unless these instructions are followed carefully.
WARNING! This symbol indicates a risk of potential serious
personal injury, unless these instructions are followed
oxy.IQ User's Manual
for product


Table of Contents

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