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Chapter 5. The Service Menu; Menu Map & Service Passcode; Entering The Service Menu - GE Baker Hughes oxy.IQ User Manual

Panametrics oxygen analyzer
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Chapter 5. The Service Menu

qualified service personnel only, and access to this menu
requires entry of the service passcode. Misuse of the
information in this menu may significantly impair the
accuracy and performance of your oxy.IQ and may cause
it to fail to meet its published specifications.
5.1 Menu Map & Service Passcode
For help in navigating through the Service Menu, refer to the menu
map shown in Figure 17 on page 47. The service passcode required for
access to the oxy.IQ Service Menu is:

5.2 Entering the Service Menu

To enter the Service Menu, complete the following steps:
1. Press the
2. Press the
select the Service menu.
3. Use the
value (default = 5000) to enter the service passcode, and then
press the
When entering the passcode, press and release an arrow key to
change the value one digit at a time, or press and hold an arrow
key to change the value at an accelerating rate.
4. Proceed to the appropriate section for the desired menu option.
oxy.IQ User's Manual
The Service Menu is intended for use by
key to enter the Main Menu.
key three times and then press the
keys to increment or decrement the displayed
key to access the Service menu.
Chapter 5. The Service Menu
key to


Table of Contents

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