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GE Baker Hughes oxy.IQ User Manual page 21

Panametrics oxygen analyzer
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2.3 Installing an Oxygen Sensor (cont.)
3. Apply power to the unit. The screen will display
measurement data.
Before continuing with the installation, become familiar with the
procedures for programming and calibrating the oxy.IQ
discussed in Chapter 3, Initial Setup & Operation.
4. Trim the 4-20 mA analog output and set the range to 0-25%
5. Open the airtight package (see Figure 3 on page 6) and remove the
oxygen sensor from the package. To maintain the oxygen sensor's
energy level, remove the red grounding tab and
install the sensor in the oxy.IQ
6. Orient the sensor so that its gold-plated electrodes are facing the
spring-loaded contact pins in the sensor base (see Figure 6 on
page 10). Firmly press the oxygen sensor into the sensor base at
the bottom of the oxy.IQ electronics module.
7. Perform an air calibration on the new oxygen sensor at this time.
On the 0-25% oxygen scale, a properly calibrated oxygen sensor
shows a reading of 20.9% on the display and generates a current
of 17.4 mA at the 4-20 mA analog output terminals.
8. Using the blue knurled nut, attach the oxy.IQ electronics module
with the calibrated oxygen sensor to the sensor manifold. Rotate
the display as desired and then hand-tighten the blue knurled
Make sure that the O-ring on the top of the sensor
manifold is in place and undamaged. If necessary,
contact GE for a replacement.
oxy.IQ User's Manual
for a few seconds before it begins to display
Chapter 2. Installation


Table of Contents

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