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Trimming The Analog Output - GE Baker Hughes oxy.IQ User Manual

Panametrics oxygen analyzer
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Table of Contents
Chapter 3. Initial Setup & Operation

3.3.2 Trimming the Analog Output

To trim the analog output, calibrate the low (4 mA) end of the output
then the high (20 mA) end of the output.
The 4 mA and 20 mA adjustments interact with each
other. Therefore, recheck the trim after the procedure has
been completed.
3.3.2a Preparing to Trim the Analog Output
Prepare to trim the analog output as follows:
1. Connect an ammeter in series with the positive oxy.IQ power
supply lead, to monitor the analog output current.
2. Press the
3. Press the
the Output menu.
4. Press the
Trim menu.
3.3.2b Trimming the Analog Output Low (4 mA) End
1. Press the
analog output is driven to about 4 mA.
2. Use the
until it equals 4.00 ± 0.01 mA.
3. Press the
the Trim menu.
key to enter the Main Menu.
key twice and then press the
key and then press the
key to enter the 4 mA Trim menu, and the
keys to adjust the analog output up or down,
key to save the trim adjustment and return to
key to enter
key to enter the
oxy.IQ User's Manual


Table of Contents

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