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GE Baker Hughes oxy.IQ User Manual page 17

Panametrics oxygen analyzer
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2.1 Mounting the oxy.IQ (cont.)
The maximum operating pressure for the oxy.IQ is 10
psi, and the burst pressure of the unit is 200 psi. Be sure
the sample conditioning system is designed to maintain
the oxy.IQ pressure below these limits, and that the
oxy.IQ outlet is vented to atmosphere during operation
and calibration.
3. Using PTFE tape as a sealant, connect the sample gas inlet and
outlet to the 1/8" NPT ports on the sensor manifold (see Figure 4
below). Either port may be used as the inlet or the outlet, as the
direction of flow does not matter.
Sensor Manifold
Sample Inlet
oxy.IQ User's Manual
Figure 4: Sensor Manifold Installation
Chapter 2. Installation
Sample Outlet


Table of Contents

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