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Longer Cable Lengths - GE Baker Hughes oxy.IQ User Manual

Panametrics oxygen analyzer
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Table of Contents
2.2 Wiring the oxy.IQ (cont.)
2. Connect the flying lead end of the cable as shown in the wiring
diagram, according to one of the following conditions:
No Zener Barrier or Galvanic Isolator:
For use in non-hazardous areas or Div 2 hazardous areas.
With Zener Barrier or Galvanic Isolator:
Required for use in hazardous areas.
To remove the cable from the oxy.IQ electronics module,
simply pull straight up on the lower section of the cable
connector as close to the oxy.IQ body as possible. Do not
pull on the cable or the upper portion of the cable
connector, and do not try to unscrew the cable connector.

2.2.1 Longer Cable Lengths

GE offers cables in 2 m and 10 m standard lengths. Longer cable
lengths may be used with the oxy.IQ, but these are not available from
GE. If you require a longer cable, refer to the following figures for the
required cable specifications and construct your own cable for
splicing onto the standard GE cable:
Standard Cable:
IS Cable:
oxy.IQ User's Manual
Figure 5: oxy.IQ Cable and Connector
Figure 10 on page 39 and Figure 11 on page 40
Figure 12 on page 41 and Figure 13 on page 42
Chapter 2. Installation


Table of Contents

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