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Water Tank Refill - Bosch Greensource SM024 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Greensource cdi series sm model water-to-air heat pumps
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Greensource CDi Series SM Model

Water Tank Refill

1. Open the cold water supply to the tank.
2. Open a hot water faucet to vent air from the
system until water flows from the faucet, then
3. Press the hot water tank pressure relief valve
handle to ensure there is no air remaining in
the tank.
4. Carefully inspect all plumbing for water leaks.
Correct as required.
5. Purge all air from HR through an external purge
valve. Allow all air to bleed out until water
appears at the valve. Locate the external purge
value at the highest point in installation.
NOTICE: All piping from HRP to domestic
water tank must be copper.
6. Before restoring the power or fuel supply to
the water heater, adjust the temperature
setting on the tank thermostat(s) to ensure
maximum utilization of the heat available from
the refrigeration system and conserve the most
energy. On tanks with both upper and lower
elements and thermostats, the lower element
should be turned down to 100°F, while the
upper element should be adjusted to 120°F.
Depending upon the specific needs of the
customer, you may need to adjust the upper
element differently. On tanks with a single
thermostat lower the thermostat setting to
120°F or the "LOW" position. After thermostat
adjustments are completed, replace access
cover and restore electrical or fuel supply to
water heater.
For schematics of the HRP, see page #58 and
page #59.
See "Initial Start-Up of a HRP System" on
page #27.
Greensource CDi Series SM Model
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