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Electrical; Electrical Component Box; Alarm Terminal Wiring; Electronic Thermostat - Bosch Greensource SM024 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Greensource cdi series sm model water-to-air heat pumps
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Greensource CDi Series SM Model


WARNING: Field wiring must comply with
local and national electric codes.
WARNING: Power to the unit must be
within the operating voltage range indicated
on the unit's nameplate or on the
performance data sheet.
NOTICE: Operation of unit on improper line
voltage or with excessive phase imbalance
will be hazardous to the unit, constitutes
abuse and may void the warranty.
Properly sized fuses or HACR circuit breakers must
be installed for branch circuit protection. See the
unit nameplate for maximum fuse or breaker size.
The unit is provided with a concentric knock-out
for attaching common trade sizes of conduit.
Route power supply wiring through this opening.
Always connect the ground lead to the grounding
lug provided in the control box and power leads to
the line side of compressor contactor as indicated
on the wiring diagram page #58.
Units supplied with internal electric heat require
two separate power supplies:
1) Unit compressor
2) Electric Heat, blower motor, and control
OPTION section and page #59 through page
#60 for wiring diagrams. See data plate for
minimum circuit ampacities and maximum fuse/
breaker sizing.

Electrical Component Box

Refer to the electrical component box layout on
page #74.

Alarm Terminal Wiring

Refer to "Alarm Terminal Wiring" on page #61.
Greensource CDi Series SM Model



Thermostat wire must be 8-conductor, 18-AWG
wire. Strip the wires back 1/4-inch (longer strip
lengths may cause shorts) and insert the
thermostat wires into the heat pump connector as
shown below. The thermostat should have the
same type connectors as shown below, requiring
the same wiring. If thermostat connectors are
different than below, refer to thermostat's
installation and operations manual for detailed
installation and operation. All thermostats should
be configured according to the specifications
outlined in the installation and operation manual
for proper commission and operations.
Refer to "Thermostat Connections" on page #61.
If you would like to use two stages of electrical
heat with a single terminal on your thermostat,
place a jumper cable between W1 and W2 cable
as shown below. (See Fig. 51.)
Fig. 51
Packaged heat pumps are equipped with
detachable Thermostat connectors located on
the HPC board.
Depending on the options selected, some wires
in the Wiring Harness may be utilized. See the
Wiring Harness Drawing notes for further
Subject to change without prior notice
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