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Fan Operation; Loop Pump Operation - Bosch Greensource SM024 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Greensource cdi series sm model water-to-air heat pumps
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Table of Contents
Greensource CDi Series SM Model
When the thermostat calls for first-stage cooling
(Y1) the loop pump or solenoid valve, if present, is
energized and the first stage of the compressor
capacity starts. The fan ramps up to the first stage
of cooling air flow in 30 seconds.
Some options will have a built in delay, so
compressor operation is not immediate. See the
Options section on page #40 for more details.
When the thermostat calls for second-stage
cooling (Y2) the second stage (or full-compressor
capacity) is initiated. The fan ramps up to full-
cooling air flow.
Once the thermostat is satisfied, the compressor
shuts down and the fan ramps down to either
fan-only mode or off over a span of 30 seconds.
Note that a fault condition initiating a lockout will
de-energize the compressor irrespective of
which stage is engaged.
Heating Mode
The first two stages of heating (Y1 & Y2) operate in
the same manner as cooling but with the reversing
valve de-energized. On a call for auxiliary heat
(W1), the fan ramps up to auxiliary heat air flow
immediately and the electric heater package is
energized along with the compressor.
As the thermostat is satisfied, the heaters will shut
off as soon as W1 is de-energized, and the
compressors will remain on until the thermostat
stages are satisfied.
If the unit compressor locks out for any reason
at this time, the electric heaters will continue to
function normally.
Once the thermostat is satisfied, the compressor
shuts down and the fan ramps down either fan only
mode or off over a span of 30 seconds. If the
thermostat has two different output points one for
Auxiliary heat and a different one for Emergency
heat, the two outputs must be terminated on W1
units equipped with one stage of electric heat.
When using a 2-cool, 3-heat thermostat both the
W1 & W2 on the Heat Pump and W2 & EM on
the thermostat must be connected together via
a jumper.
Greensource CDi Series SM Model

Fan Operation

The fan starts anytime the fan command signal (G)
or a demand for cooling/heating is received on the
thermostat interface block. The fan will run at its
minimum factory speed of 80% in Fan-Only Mode.
The fan remains on during lockouts if there is a
demand from the thermostat. The fan motor will
take 10 seconds to ramp up to operating speed.
The fan will be commanded to run at fan-only air
flow as long as there is no call for mechanical
heating/cooling or electric heating operations.
The fan can be configured via the Bosch EasyStart
app to run in a range of CFM from 300 to 450 in 25
CFM increments. The controller has airflow
profiles (CFM) for both heating and cooling

Loop Pump Operation

The Loop Pump (LP) energizes 30 seconds
(configurable from 30 seconds to 240 seconds via
the Bosch EasyStart app) prior to compressor
operation during a mechanical heating or cooling
demand. The LP remains on during low loop water
temperature protection and a high Leaving Water
Temperature (LWT) warning. The loop pump stays
off for the following faults and delay timers:
High Pressure Switch fault
Low Pressure Switch fault
Freeze Coaxial Coil fault
Freeze Evaporator Coil fault
Brownout fault
Condensate Overflow fault
Anti-Short Cycle delay
Flow delay
HPC will command the Loop Pump (LP) output to
energize the pump motor whenever a heating or
cooling command (Y1) is received.
The Loop Pump output of the HPC will energize the
pump directly. 230 VAC to 208 VAC on the HPC
pump outputs will be present (voltage dependent
on supply).
WARNING: Before performing service or
maintenance operations on the system, turn
off the main power to the unit. Electrical
shock could cause personal injury or death.
Subject to change without prior notice
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8733819578 (2019/02)

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Table of Contents