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Geothermal Systems - Bosch Greensource SM024 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Greensource cdi series sm model water-to-air heat pumps
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26 | Specific Application Considerations

Geothermal Systems

Closed-loop and pond applications require
specialized design knowledge. No attempt at these
installations should be made unless the dealer has
received specialized training. Utilizing a Bosch flow
center, hose kit, and connection accessories will
simplify the installation process. Anti-freeze
solutions are utilized when low-evaporating
conditions are expected to occur.
Fig. 55 Typical Geothermal System Setup
[1] Line voltage disconnect (unit)
[2] Flex duct Connection
[3] Low voltage control connection
[4] Line voltage connection (unit)
[5] P/T ports
[6] Vibration pad
[7] Condensate drain connection
[8] Ground loop connection kit
[9] Ground loop pumping package
[10] Polyethylene with insulation
[11] Line voltage disconnect (electric heater)
8733819578 (2019/02)
Refer to the Bosch flow center installation manuals
for specific instructions.
Subject to change without prior notice
Greensource CDi Series SM
This diagram shows a typical
installation and is for
illustration purposes only.
Ensure access to Heat Pump
is not restricted.
Greensource CDi Series SM Model

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