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Bosch Greensource SM024 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 10

Greensource cdi series sm model water-to-air heat pumps
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10 | Blower Configurations
6. Rotate the blower into its new position. (See
Fig. 15.)
Fig. 15
7. Remove the remaining bracket by removing the
two screws securing it and retain the bracket.
(See Fig. 16.)
Fig. 16
8. Remove the blower assembly by sliding it
forward. (See Fig. 17.)
The unit's top is notched to allow blower to slide
8733819578 (2019/02)
Fig. 17
9. Remove the blower collar by removing the
eight screws securing it and discard. (See Fig.
Fig. 18
10. Reorient the blower assembly 180 degree with
the blower "belly" down [1] and slide it back
into the cabinet [2]. (See Fig. 19.)
Fig. 19
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Greensource CDi Series SM
Greensource CDi Series SM Model

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