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Mounting Vertical (Vt) Units; Mounting Horizontal (Hz) Units; Hanging Bracket Kit; Installation Instructions - Bosch Greensource SM024 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Greensource cdi series sm model water-to-air heat pumps
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16 | Mounting Vertical (VT) Units

VT units should be mounted level on a vibration
absorbing pad slightly larger than the base to
minimize vibration transmission to the building
structure. It is not necessary to anchor the unit to
the floor. (See Fig. 43.)
The vibration absorbing pad is not supplied with
the unit.
On VT units, the condensate drain pan is
internally sloped. There is no internal P-Trap.
Fig. 43
NOTICE: Vertical Units should be mounted
on a vibration absorbing pad. The unit must
be supported along the entirety of its base.


While HZ units may be installed on any level
surface strong enough to hold their weight, they
are typically suspended above a ceiling by
threaded rods. The manufacturer recommends
these be attached to the unit corners using a
hanging bracket kit supplied with HZ units. The
rods must be securely anchored to the ceiling.
Refer to the hanging bracket assembly and
installation instructions for details.
8733819578 (2019/02)
Plumbing connected to the heat pump must not
come in direct contact with joists, trusses, walls,
etc. Some applications require an attic floor
installation of the horizontal unit. In those cases,
the unit should be set in a full-sized secondary
drain pan on top of a vibration absorbing mesh.
Fig. 44


Installation Instructions

All HZ units come with hanging bracket installation
kit to facilitate suspended unit mounting using
threaded rod. Hanging brackets are to be installed
as shown in Fig. 45.
Subject to change without prior notice
Greensource CDi Series SM
NOTICE: Horizontal units installed above
the ceiling must conform to all local codes.
An auxiliary drain pan, if required by code,
should be at least four inches larger than
the bottom of the heat pump.
The HZ units condensate drain pans are NOT
internally sloped.
NOTICE: HZ units must be installed pitched
approximately 1/4" towards the condensate
drain connection in both directions to
facilitate condensate removal. (See Fig. 44.)
Greensource CDi Series SM Model

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