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The Clock; The Select Functions Menu - Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual

Xtronic electric convection range
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Table of Contents
Getting Started

The Clock

About the Clock
Setting the Clock
Changing the Clock

The Select Functions Menu

English 6
Always set the clock after installation or after a power failure. Once power
returns to the oven, the clock defaults to 12:00 am.
The time of day is displayed in hours and minutes.
The clock time will appear during all oven operations except when the timer is
The oven is preset to a 12 hour clock and indicates AM and PM. To switch to
a 24 hour clock, see "Select Function" section.
If you do not complete the operation of setting the clock, the oven will beep
periodically as a reminder to set the clock time. Press OFF to stop the beep-
1. CLOCK will be displayed and the hour digits
will flash. Turn knob to select hour and AM or
2. Press Time. CLOCK will still be displayed
and the minute digits will flash.
3. Turn knob. Set minutes.
4. Press Time and the clock is now set.
Note: If operation is not completed, the oven will beep periodically as a
reminder to set clock time. Press OFF.
1. Press Time. TIMER 1 will flash in display.
2. Turn knob to select CLOCK .
3. Press Time again and hour digits will flash.
4. Turn knob to change hours.
5. Press Time again and minute digits will
6. Turn knob clockwise or counterclockwise to change minutes.
7. Press Time again and the clock is set.
Note: To cancel the TIME selection when setting the clock, press OFF at any
time while in the clock mode.
SELECT FUNCTIONS is the section of the menu where you can set or change
the range features listed below.
1. To access the SELECT FUNCTIONS menu, press and hold COOKING
MODE press pad for five (5) seconds. SELECT FUNCTION is displayed.
2. Turn knob slowly to desired feature. There will be a slight delay before each
message (or feature) can be seen in the display. Turn knob slowly and wait
approximately one second for display to show next feature.
3. Press START to choose any function, and turn knob to choose any sub-func-
4. After selecting the desired feature, press OFF.
5. To indicate when a mode is finished, 3 consecutive beeps will sound.
Note: In the event of a power failure, the functions return to the factory set-
tings and will need to be reset.
12: 00
0: 00


Table of Contents

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