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Operation - Oven; About The Oven; Oven Features; Oven Parts And Accessories - Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual

Xtronic electric convection range
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Table of Contents
Specialty Pans

Operation - Oven

About the Oven

Oven Features

Automatic Shutoff
Self Cleaning
Indicators and Other Features
Convection Fan

Oven Parts and Accessories

Flat Oven Racks
Do not slide metal pots across the cooktop. Pans may leave marks which
need to be removed immediately. See Care and Cleaning Section.
Do not use glass pans as they may scratch the surface.
Specialty pans such as griddles, roasters, pressure cookers, woks, water bath
canners and pressure canners must have the same features as described above.
Use only a flat-bottomed wok. Never place a support ring, such as a wok ring or
trivet, on the cooking surface.
The oven will automatically shut off after 12 hours (24 hours if the time format is
set for 24 hour in the Select Function section).
Our ovens feature a self-cleaning function that eliminates the manual labor
involved with cleaning your oven.
Beep - Signals that more information must be entered or confirms the receipt of
an entry. A Beep also signals the end of a program or an oven error.
End-of-Cycle Indicator - To indicate when a mode is finished, 3 consecutive
beeps will sound.
Default Settings - The cooking modes automatically select the default tempera-
ture. These can be changed when a different one is needed.
Flashing Symbol or Number - Signals an incomplete setting and calls for
another step or START to be pressed.
F Number Codes -These codes display when there is a problem with the range.
The convection fan operates during any convection mode. When the oven is oper-
ating in the convection mode, the fan will turn off automatically when the door is
opened. The convection fan does run during self-clean, although not at the begin-
ning of the mode.
Depending on model, the range is equipped with either three flat racks or two flat
racks and one full extension rack. The racks are designed with a stop so they will
stop before coming completely out of the oven and not tilt.
To avoid burns, place oven racks in desired positions before turning
oven on. Always use oven mitts when the oven is warm.If a rack must
be moved while the oven is hot, do not let oven mitts contact hot heat-
ing elements.
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Table of Contents

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