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Using The Range; Before Using The Range For The First Time; Range Operation; Operation - Cooktop - Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual

Xtronic electric convection range
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Table of Contents

Using the Range

Before Using the Range
for the First Time

Range Operation

Operation - Cooktop

About the Cooktop

Cooktop Features

Radiant Element
Dual Element
Retained Heat
Temperature Limiter
Remove all packing materials and labels from range. Remove packing materi-
als from inside the oven and inside the warming drawer (if applicable).
While cool, wipe with a clean, damp sponge and dry.
Apply the Cooktop Cleaning Creme packaged with the range. Buff with a
clean cloth. See Care and Cleaning Section.
There may be a slight odor during first uses; this is normal and will disappear.
Optimum cooking results depend on proper cookware being used.
The cooking surface will hold the heat and remain hot up to 30 minutes after
the elements have been turned off.
Read and understand all safety precautions and Use and Care Manual infor-
mation prior to operating.
You control the operation of the range by using the press pads on the backguard,
the dial on the backguard and the knobs on the front panel.
The backguard touchpads, in conjunction with the dial on the backguard, are used
to select an oven mode, set the time(s) and to set up your range. To use the
touchpad, press the center part of the pad with the flat part of your fingertip. A
beep will sound to indicate that the selection has been made. Turn the dial on the
backguard to the desired setting and press start.
The knobs on the front panel of the range are used to control the temperature of
the element. Push down and turn to the desired temperature.
See the sections on Using the Cooktop, Using the Oven and Using the Warming
Drawer for detailed instructions.
The radiant element uses a wire ribbon located under the ceramic glass surface to
provide the heat for cooking. The radiant element will cycle on and off by design
(see Temperature Limiter).
The dual element consists of two radiant ribbon elements within the same heating
area. Either the small inner element or both the inner and outer elements may be
selected for use, depending on the size of cookware.
The glass cooking surface retains heat and stays hot after the element(s) have
been turned off. The retained heat may be used to hold foods at serving tempera-
tures for a short time. If a hot surface light is on, use caution when working or
cleaning around the cooktop as the cooktop is still hot.
Each radiant heating element has its own sensor to protect the glass cooking sur-
face from extreme high temperatures. The limiters will operate automatically by
cycling the element off regardless of the cook setting.
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Table of Contents

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