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Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual page 4

Xtronic electric convection range
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Table of Contents
Intended Use
Cooking Safety
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All ranges can tip. Injury to persons could result. Install anti-tip device pack-
aged with range. See installation instructions.
Use this appliance only for its intended use as described in this manual. For
example, never use the appliance for warming or heating the room. If you
have any questions, contact the manufacturer.
Do not store or use corrosive chemicals, vapors, flammables or nonfood prod-
ucts in this appliance. This type of range is specifically designed to heat or
cook food. It is not designed for industrial or laboratory use. The use of corro-
sive chemicals in heating or cleaning will damage the appliance and could
result in injury.
This range is for residential use only. It is not approved for outdoor use.
Secure all loose garments, etc. before beginning. Tie long hair so that it does
not hang loose, and do not wear loose fitting clothing or hanging garments,
such as ties, scarves, jewelry, or dangling sleeves.
Avoid reaching or leaning over the appliance. Be aware that certain clothing
and hair sprays may contain flammable chemicals that could be ignited if
brought in contact with hot surface units or heating elements and may cause
severe burns.
Do not touch the cooking area(s) or the immediate surrounding area(s) while
using the range or while it is cooling. Areas adjacent to the burners, oven and
warming drawer may become hot enough to cause burns and my be hot even
though they are off. Never let clothing, potholders, or other flammable materi-
als come in contact with a cooking area until it has cooled.
Exercise caution when opening the oven or warming drawer. Standing to the
side, open the door slowly and slightly to let hot air and/or steam escape.
Keep your face clear of the opening and make sure there are no children or
pets near the unit. After the release of hot air and/or steam, proceed with your
cooking. Keep doors shut unless necessary for cooking or cleaning purposes.
Do not leave open doors unattended.
Do not heat or warm unopened food containers either in the oven or the
warming drawer. Build-up of pressure may cause the container to burst and
cause injury.
Always place oven racks in desired location while oven is cool. If a rack must
be moved while oven is hot, do not let potholder contact the heating elements.
Always use dry potholders. Moist or damp potholders on hot surfaces may
result in burns from steam. Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth.
Leave the hood ventilator on when flambéing food.
Do not place food directly on oven bottom.
Follow the manufacturer's directions when using cooking or roasting bags.
Use high heat settings on the cooktop only when necessary. Heat oil slowly
on no more than a low-medium setting, to avoid bubbling and splatter. Hot oil
is capable of causing extreme burns and injury.
Never move a pan of hot oil, especially a deep fat fryer. Wait until it is cool.
Never leave the cooktop unattended. Boilovers can cause smoke and possi-
bly damage the cooktop.
Figure 1: Tipping Precautions


Table of Contents

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