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Xtronic electric convection range
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Operation - Oven
Extension Rack (some models)
English 14
Inserting Racks Into Oven
1. Grasp rack firmly on both sides.
2. Tilt rack up to allow stop into rack holder.
3. Bring rack to a horizontal position and press the rest of the way in. Rack
should be straight and flat, not crooked.
Front of rack
Removing Flat Racks From Oven
1. Grasp rack firmly on both sides and pull rack toward you.
2. When the stop is reached, tilt rack up and pull the rest of the way out.
The Full Extension Rack allows for easier access to cooking foods. The bottom
section extends as far as the standard flat rack. However, the top section extends
beyond the bottom section bringing the food closer to the user. To order a full
extension rack, contact Bosch Service: 800-944-2904 for a dealer near you.
Top Rack
Removing and Replacing
Note: The full extension rack must be in the closed position when removing and
replacing. Grasp the entire rack (both sections).
1. Grasp the bottom section and pull straight out.
2. Once the stop is reached, grasp the top section and pull straight out until the
second stop is reached. If the top rack will not extend fully, it is not installed
correctly. Reinstall it so that the pan stop is in the back of the oven.
Disassembly (for cleaning)
The two sections of the rack are designed to come apart for easier cleaning.
Back of rack
Insert rack with the back of the rack
toward the back wall of the range.
Back of Rack
Front of Rack
Figure 5: Inserting a Rack
Pan Stops
Rack Guide
Top Rack Rest
Figure 6: Full Extension Rack


Table of Contents

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