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Using The Cooktop; Operation - Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual

Xtronic electric convection range
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Using the Cooktop


Setting the Burner Heat Level
Foods packaged in aluminum foil should not be placed directly on
the glass ceramic surface for cooking. Aluminum foil can melt and
cause permanent damage.
Plastic, paper and cloth can melt or burn when in contact with a
hot surface. Do not let these items come in contact with the hot
ceramic surface.
Do not allow pans to boil dry. This can permanently damage the
pan, the element and the cooktop glass.
Single Element Control Knob
To turn on a single element, push in on the control knob and turn in either direc-
tion to the desired heat setting.
Dual Element Control Knob
To turn ON the small, inner element, push in on the control knob and turn it coun-
terclockwise. Set to desired heat level.
To turn ON both the inner and outer elements together, push in on the control
knob and turn it clockwise to the desired setting.
Element Location
Element Location
Figure 3: Single Element Burner Knob
Inner Element
Outer Element
Figure 4: Dual Element Burner Knob
Operation - Cooktop
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Table of Contents

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