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Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual page 18

Xtronic electric convection range
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Table of Contents
Operation - Oven
Oven Vent
Oven Control Panel
Preheat Temperature
Table 3: Oven Control Panel
Clock– Shows the time of day with a 12 or 24 hour option.
Cooking Mode - Press pad to display cooking mode.
Cooking or Timed Mode – Shows the number of hours
and minutes the oven will be "on." Cooking mode icon is
also displayed when cooking mode is selected.
Control Knob - Used to set the clock, timers, select cook-
ing mode and temperature. Turn clockwise to increase and
turn counterclockwise to decrease.
Elements – Displays active element(s).
Light - Press pad to turn oven light on or off.
Door Locking Indicator - Icon is displayed during the
self-clean mode when the door is locked. DO NOT attempt
to open the door until the lock symbol is no longer present.
English 16
Clean rack with hot sudsy water. Dry thoroughly. For stubborn dirt, use a soap
filled steel wool pad. DO NOT clean the rack in the self-cleaning oven.
The oven vent is located below the display above the rear left cooktop element. It
is normal to see steam escaping from the vent and condensation may collect on
the backguard and cooktop. This area may become hot when the oven is in use.
Do not block the vent as it is important for air circulation.
Cooking Mode
Oven Temperature
Cooking Mode
Lock Indicator
Off - Press pad to turn off oven and/or warming drawer.
Oven Temperature - Shows the oven temperature.
Preheat Temperature - Displays temperature of oven dur-
ing preheat mode.
Start - Press pad to complete an entry.
Temperature - Press pad to select cooking temperature.
Time - Press pad to select time.
Timer – There are two timers - TIMER 1 AND TIMER 2;
Each counts down the time in hours and minutes. With
less than 60 minutes remaining, the timer also displays
Control Knob
Figure 9: Oven Control Panel


Table of Contents

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