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Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual page 20

Xtronic electric convection range
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Table of Contents
Operation - Oven
Changing the Timer/s
Clearing the Timer/s
Using Timed or Delayed Cook
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1. Press TIME. TIMER 1 will appear in display. .
2. Select either TIMER 1 or 2
3. Press TIME. Reset Timer 1 (2) appears in the
display. Minute digits flash.
4. Turn knob clockwise or counterclockwise to change minutes.
5. Press Time again and hour digits will flash.
6. Turn knob clockwise or counterclockwise to change hours.
7. Press Time and new time is set.
1. Press TIME once. TIMER 1 flashes.
2. Turn knob to select Clear Timer 1(2).
3. Press TIME.
4. If TIME pad is not pressed, range will beep and
display will continue flashing.
5. Press TIME to return to the main screen.
If operation is not completed, the oven will beep periodically as a reminder to set
time. Press OFF to exit the Timer mode. Selecting OFF when not in a setting
mode will stop oven function.
The TIMED COOK feature sets the oven to a cooking mode for a set period of
time and then turns it off. The TIMED COOK feature is available for each of the
following oven modes: Bake, Convection Bake and Convection Roast.
Be sure that the time-of-day clock displays the correct time before beginning.
See "Changing the Clock Time" to adjust the time.
At end of the programmed cooking time, the oven will automatically turn off.
Delayed cooking is not recommended for foods that need to rise (i.e.; cookies,
cakes, breads, souffles, etc.)
Setting a Timed Mode
2. BAKE will be displayed. To select a different cooking mode, turn the knob.
3. Press START.
4. Turn knob to select desired temperature.
Note: Time required for the oven to reach temperature must be included in
the set cooking time.
5. Press TIME. TIMED BAKE appears.
6. Press TIME. SET BAKE TIME appears in the
display and minutes flash.
7. Set minutes. Press TIME.
8. Hours Flash. Set hours. Press START.
9. TIMED BAKE appears in display and the oven begins to preheat.
After cooking is complete, display flashes TIME COOK END and reminder beeps
will sound. Press OFF to clear.
Delaying the Start of a Timed Mode
1. Follow steps 1 through 5 above.
2. Turn knob until DELAYED BAKE appears.
3. Press Time. SET BAKE TIME appears in dis-
play and minutes flash.
4. Set minutes and then press TIME. Hours Flash.
5. Set hoursand then pressTIME. SET BAKE END appears in the display.
6. Press TIME.
7. Use knob to enter the time of day the oven will stop cooking or turn off.
8. Set hours and then press TIME.
9. Set minutes and then press TIME.
Note: The clock automatically calculates time of day at which cooking mode
starts and stops. The displayed cooking time counts down by the minute.
0: 00
0: 00
1: 20
5: 00


Table of Contents

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