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Siemens HE2212U Use And Care Manual page 30

Xtronic electric convection range
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Table of Contents
Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning the Control Knobs and
Do Not Use the Following Cleaners
Table 10: Cooktop Care Chart
Type of Soil
Dry sugar, sugar syrup, milk or tomato
spills. Melted plastic film or foil. All these
items require immediate removal. Remove
only these types of spills while the surface is
hot using the razor blade scraper. Be sure to
use a new, sharp razor in your scraper.
Burned-on food soil, dark streaks, and
Greasy spatters
Metal marks: Iridescent stain
Hard Water Spots - Hot cooking liquids
dripped on surface
Surface scratches - Small scratches are to
be expected on the glass surface, but do not
affect cooking. In time, small scratches will
become smoother and much less noticeable
with daily use of the Cooktop Cleaning Creme.
English 28
The bezel is the plastic piece behind the knob.
1. Pull out and off to remove both knob and bezel. Wipe with hot, soapy cloth,
rinse and dry. Do not soak.
2. To replace, position knob on top of bezel hold spring tight. Place both knob
and bezel on shaft at the same time and release spring.
Glass cleaners which contain ammonia or chlorine bleach. These ingredients
may permanently etch or stain the cooktop.
Caustic Cleaners
Oven cleaners such as Easy Off® may etch the cooktop surface.
Abrasive Cleaners
Metal scouring pads and scrub sponges such as Scotch Brite® can scratch
and/ or leave metal marks.
Soap-filled scouring pads such as SOS® can scratch the surface.
Powdery cleaners containing chlorine bleach can permanently stain cooktop.
Flammable cleaners such as lighter fluid or WD-40.
Remove pan and turn off the element.
Wearing an oven mitt, hold scraper at 30
gouge or scratch the glass. Push soil off the heated area.
After the surface has cooled, remove the residue and apply the
Cooktop Cleaning Creme®.
Soften by laying a damp paper towel or sponge on top of soil for
about 30 minutes.
Use a plastic scrubber and Cooktop Cleaning Creme® or use the
razor blade scraper. Rinse and dry.
Use a soapy sponge or cloth to remove grease; rinse thoroughly
and dry. Apply Cooktop Cleaning Creme®.
Pans with aluminum, copper or stainless steel bases may leave
marks. Treat immediately after surface has cooled with Cooktop
Cleaning Creme. If this does not remove the marks, try a mild
abrasive (Bon Ami®, Soft Scrub® without bleach) with a damp-
ened paper towel. Rinse and reapply creme. Failure to remove
metal marks before the next heating makes removal very difficult.
The minerals in some water can be transferred onto the surface
and cause stains. Use undiluted white vinegar, rinse and dry.
Recondition with Cooktop Cleaning Creme.
Apply Cleaning Creme before using to remove sand-like grains
and grit such as salt and seasoning.
Can be reduced by using pans with bases that are smooth, clean,
and dry before use. Use recommended Cooktop Cleaning Creme
daily on the cooktop.
Possible Solution
angle, using care not to


Table of Contents

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